About Russell

Texas Bred!

Russell was born in Sherman Texas and was raised in the Church of Christ. Russell has lived and worked in the North Texas area his whole life and firmly believes in improving the lives of people just like him. His life-long commitment to North Texas is evident in every aspect of his life. 

Strong Work Ethic!

Since he was ten years old, Russell’s strong work ethic has been a major influence on his life. He developed an interest in computers and IT work at a young age and for the last three decades has worked on various projects for organizations including local schools and ESPN.

For the last ten years Russell has worked in hospitals where he has gained a profound insight into the unfair practices that are rampant in the medical industry. After seeing that our current representation has been unwilling or unable to address the issues of rising medical costs, Russell decided that enough was enough and that he couldn’t ignore the harm being done to North Texans. 

Strong Family Background and Love for Community!

Russell is the child of two Sherman ISD teachers and was raised with a strong respect for public education. Thanks to their influence, he understands that our teachers and students deserve to be treated with  respect and not as political tools. He promises to fight to preserve and improve our public institutions and our communities. 

What Motivates Russell

Because of his own pre-existing conditions and background in medical IT, Russell is familiar with unfair medical costs. Most families and individuals struggle to meet the out of pocket costs associated with medical bills in the US and after seeing how our state and federal representatives have failed those who struggle with medical issues, Russell began his fight to create a healthier America.