What Russell Wants To Do For Texans.


Education Reform


  • Lower the costs of education and work to better provide further education opportunities to people that want it no matter what age or income level. 
  • Fix the current administration's use of tax credit vouchers allowing the wealthy to send their children to elite private schools on the tax payer’s dime while refusing to provide the same opportunities to poor and working class families. 
  • Work towards Universal Credit Transfer Agreement that implements a standard course equivalency that saves students time and money in they decide to transfer to a different university. 
  • Give teachers the materials and salary to effectively teach the next generation. It takes a special person to dedicate themselves to education and they should receive fair compensation and benefits for the years that they dedicate to teaching generations of Americans.  


Corporate Reform

  • Return to Net Neutrality and reform the FCC 
  • Work to classify the internet as a utility and break up the local monopolies in rural areas of Texas.
  • Work on getting high speed internet access to the entire district while reducing prices.
  • Stronger regulations for banks and stop predatory lending practices. 
  • Work to make it easier and safer for small businesses to start and continue to prosper in our district. 
  • Support Paid family leave for both parents


Election Reforms

  • I will personally reject big corporate campaign money! 
  • We have over 740,000 people in the 4th district covering 18 Counties in North Texas.  I want to make sure that EVERY single one of you are represented! Right now only around 35% of the public votes in the district. I want to get the word out and have the highest turnout for an election for this district. Let's swing it BLUE!
  • Get big name donors and PAC money out of politics.  It is time we returned grass roots politics and stop allowing lobbyists and dark money to control our elected officials. 
  • Elections should be about the people running for office,  not how much money they have raised. We shouldn't have a congressman who is beholden to big business and wealthy donors. 
  • Secure our ballot boxes voting equipment to secure our election processes.  
  • Make sure our elected officials don't use Foreign Governments to help them get elected..
  • Work to make it easier for American Citizens to vote and get more people involved. Expanding voting days and getting more polling places, and allowing more people to be eligible to vote. 


Healthcare Reform

  • I support the single-payer Medicare as outlined in HR-1384. We need to fix our broken healthcare system and I believe that Medicare for All will cost less in the long term while helping those with pre-existing conditions. 
  • Protect a woman's right to make her own medical decisions. 
  • Lower the cost of prescriptions while improving oversight of pharmaceuticals. .   
  • Ensure medical access for those with rare and debilitating conditions. 
  • Contain and reduce the costs of life-saving drugs sure as insulin. 
  • Work to improve mental health access across the district. 
  • Make sure that our first-responders and healthcare workers have access to mental health services due to stress and trauma suffered in the line of duty. 


Social and Criminal Justice Reform

  • Fight to protect LGBT Rights & Equality. and allow all members of the LGBT community to serve in the armed forces if they so wish. 
  • Fight to stop racial injustice.
  • Work on promoting non-violent deescalation tactics for local police. 
  • Provide police proper access to medical and mental health services.
  • Get rid of private for-profit prison systems that stresses incarceration rather than rehabilitation.  
  • Work with companies and colleges to help prisoners gain job training and allow them to successfully reintegrate and become successful citizens.