What Russell wants to do for Texans.


Education Reform

  • Lower the costs of education and work to better provide further education opportunities to people that want it no matter what age or income level. 
  • Fix the issues with the current administration's need to privatized education and giving a nice big tax cut to the rich to go to private schools disguised as vouchers on our tax payer dime while not providing enough money in those vouchers for the less fortunate to be able to afford private education. They can never have the same opportunities and that needs to change. We need to help the people that truly need the help, and not keep giving handouts to the rich and powerful.
  • Make class transfers from one college to another acceptable across the board. If you are going for a teaching degree, there needs to be one curriculum for a general teaching degree no matter what college you start at. People shouldn’t have to retake 20 classes because one college said it would transfer while the next one they go to said that they don’t and just wasted thousands of dollars. 
  • Give teachers the materials they need both in the classroom and salary wise to keep them competitive and captivated with teaching our children. It takes a special person to be able to teach, and they should be compensated fairly for it, have proper healthcare, and should be fairly taken care of in retirement as well. They spend decades teaching generations of Americans and are true heroes for what they do! 


Corporate Reform

  • Return to Net Neutrality 
  • Reform the FCC 
  • Work to turn internet into a utility or at least break up the local monopolies in rural areas of Texas.
  • Work on getting high speed internet access to the entire district, no matter what rural area you are in. It's not 1999, everyone should have high speed internet. 
  • Work on bringing down the prices of residential connections
  • Return to the Do not call lists and hold companies who don’t obey accountable again.
  • Return to regulating the banks and stop the predatory lending fields
  • Stop the banks from charging for extras that are worthless and just made to make them money. 
  • Work to make it easier and safer for small businesses to start and continue to prosper in our district. Bring more business into the area. 
  • Support Paid family leave for both parents


Election Reforms

  • I will personally reject big corporate campaign money! 
  • We have over 740,000 people in the 4th district covering 18 Counties in North Texas.  I want to make sure that EVERY single one of you are represented! Right now only around 35% of the public votes in the district. I want to get the word out and have the highest turnout for an election for this district. Let's swing it BLUE!
  • Get the big name donors and PAC money out of politics.  Get it back to grass roots and stop allowing lobbyists and dark money to control our elections and government. 
  • Elections should be about the people running for office,  not how much money they have raised this quarter like the system is now. We shouldn’t have our congressmen constantly having to go into phone rooms once they are in congress to constantly cold call rich donors to try to get more donations out of them so they can meet monthly donation quotas to be on committees etc. 
  • Secure our ballot boxes and make sure that we aren’t running Windows XP machines or earlier versions that are easily hacked as demonstrated numerous times at IT security conferences around America. 
  • Make sure our elected officials don't use Foreign Governments to help them get elected.
  • Stop allowing lobbyists to control the agenda and put that power back to the american citizen again.
  • Work to make it easier for American Citizens to vote and get more people involved. Expanding voting days and getting more polling places, and allowing more people to be eligible to vote. 

Russell getting his daily albuterol treatments while at work. We all have pre-existing conditions.

Healthcare Reform

  • I support the single-payer Medicare for all bill HR-1384. We need to fix our messed up healthcare system and I believe this will cost less in the long term, protect people like myself with pre-existing conditions, and make sure that everyone is covered no matter your income level. 
  • Allow women to determine what they can do with their own bodies. Stop telling them what they can and can't do. Stop forcing them to do things they don't want through bad legislation. A woman has complete rights over her own body!
  • Lower the cost of prescriptions, allow better testing and more regulators to monitor pharmacies across the state.
  • Work to provide alternative to harsh and addictive prescription drugs that we might not have access to now.   
  • Those with rare diseases will be able to find out more about medications they are taking and can get the best services available for that disease, no matter what income level they are in. 
  • Those without rare diseases but still have diseases like Diabetes and others that need lifesaving drugs like insulin, will not have to decide if they can eat or take a shot today. We shouldn’t be stretching out our lifesaving medications because we can’t afford these outrageous prices. 
  • Research other countries that use and work on a single payer system that makes it better for doctors and patients and not having to worry about if insurance is going to pay for this and that, you will be able to get any healthcare needs taken care of.  Get the prices all the same across the board, instead of charging someone a higher amount because their insurance will cover it etc. No more taking advantage of the system because it will all be priced the same. No triple costs for a simple doctors visit that you can see on your insurance claims from time to time. At the very least expand medicare and medicaid to cover more Americans who truly need support. 
  • Prices to pay for single payer will be a lot less when we work to lower the costs and regulate what will be paid for and what won’t be, and what should be included for a procedure. We shouldn’t have to pay $3000 for 10 packs of gauze for a procedure and have every single item priced and priced differently per patient visiting depending on their current insurance. This should all cost the same no matter who it is.
  • Work on getting more Behavior Health Facilities in our area and work to make sure that we are getting our citizens the best Healthcare both mentally and physically. 
  • Make sure that our EMTs, Firefighters, nurses, doctors, and anyone in the healthcare industry that is suffering from PTSD or any kind of stress due to the hazards of the job,  that they get the best care and able to get that care without being penalized by their employer. They literally take care of thousands of people yearly, and deserve so much more! 


Social and Criminal Justice Reform

  • Fight to protect LGBTQ Rights & Equality.  Allow them to return to the military, and have the same rights as every other citizen. 
  • Fight to stop racial injustice.
  • Work on ways to better train police on how to handle suspects with mental disorders and properly trained to use less lethal force like bean bags to cause less death by police officers for non violent situations that we have. 
  • Work with area police on ways to help them be better prepared and ready for whatever comes. 
  • Get the police proper PTSD and stress training to keep the stress levels down and work on better protecting and getting back to protecting and serving and being friendly members of the community again instead of militarizing our departments.  
  • Work to get rid of private for profit prison systems. Because of this system, it has incentive with criminalizing citizens that normally wouldn't be put in prison because of quotas needing to be met to keep making a profit. We shouldn't be profiting off of this. 
  • We should be working on ways, by working with corporations and colleges to get people in prisons proper and real skills and training and help to get them to become great citizens again and a better part of our communities once they are released.