My name is Russell Foster,  and I am running for   U.S. House Texas District 4 against John Ratcliffe as a Democrat. I am sick and tired of the lies and conspiracy theories that John has been producing over the last 3 years and it's time someone stood up to this lackey that has no backbone when it comes to protecting our nation. It's time Texas had someone that put our country over political parties. Someone who doesn't listen to the lobbyists and doesn't take orders or bark talking points like my opponent. We have to finally ask, WHEN IS ENOUGH ENOUGH? What kind of criminality does it take for Ratcliffe to finally put country over party? Let's show him WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH! 

 While the right wants to push scare tactics and conspiracies and flat out lies, we need someone that will stand up for the common person and get this country back on the right path. I am sick of hearing about how evil this party or that party is, and it's time to stop the fear mongering and start getting back to the America that we all know and love. We have to work together! 

I am tired of millionaires on the right like Tucker, Sean, and Rush telling us that the left is a bunch of elitists when they, themselves, are all millionaires not caring about their fellow Americans, and just out to make sure they keep their money and power. It's time for a CHANGE! 

I will fight for the common person because I am a common person, I also live paycheck to paycheck as an IT person for a local hospital. I know medical bills because I have a rare medical condition, Alpha 1, so I have preexisting conditions, and don't want my healthcare taken away! Learn a little more about my background Here. I promise to always put my constituents first because I am one of you.  I am here to fight for you! 

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Every single $1 raised helps Russell make it to all 18 of the district counties in the coming months to engage with more voters and make a difference in the campaign. Even a donation of a single $1 helps get the word out! Please donate today! We need all the help we can get against John next November!

 Your donation is an opportunity to be part of something bigger. Show Russell that you have his back, because he will always have yours!. Give today!  


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